Countryside Veterinarian Clinic is a full-service veterinary hospital. Our goal is to consistently exceed our clients' expectations by taking the time to educate owners and give individualized care to each pet. We also strive to provide the best products and services in a cost effective way to encourage long-term relationships with all clientele and their pets.

hjOur services include:

Physical Examinations

A complete physical exam is an important part of your pet’s health plan. Wellness exams once or twice a year allow our doctors to become familiar with your pet’s normal, healthy state, and may help us uncover underlying conditions at an early stage. Wellness exams are a great time for you and your doctor to discuss any questions you may have and develop a preventative health care plan individualized for your pet’s needs.


Vaccines are an important part of your pet’s preventative health care plan. Vaccines protect against a variety of dangerous viral and bacterial disease your pet may be exposed to. Your doctor will help you decide which vaccines are appropriate for your pet.

General Surgery

Countryside Veterinary Clinic offers surgical services on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning. Our doctors are able to perform a variety of procedures, included but not limited to:

Spaying and neutering
Mass removal
Bladder stone removal
Ear surgery
Abdominal exploratory and Intestinal surgery
Laceration repair

The safety and comfort of your pet is of utmost importance to us. We recommend running pre-anesthetic blood work on your pet prior to his/her procedure to ensure their body can handle anesthesia. A dedicated anesthesia technician monitors your pet throughout the procedure using modern monitoring equipment, and we employ customized anesthetic protocols for each patient. Multi-modal pain management is practiced to keep your pet comfortable during the procedure and after they go home.


Oral health is an important part of your pet’s health care. Periodontal disease can lead to damage to the heart, kidneys, and other internal organs. Our clinic offers complete periodontal cleaning and polishing using an ultrasonic scaler, just like your dentist uses! Our doctors can perform simple or surgical extractions, as well as minor oral surgery.

We hope to invest in dental radiographs in the near future. Stay tuned!


Countryside Veterinary Clinic is happy to offer full radiography (x-ray) services, which can be very helpful in diagnosing a variety of medical conditions.

Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory services include:

Serum chemistry
Thyroid testing
Parasite testing

We also work with commercial veterinary laboratories for more advanced diagnostics and consultations, including tissue analysis.

Heartworm Testing and Treatment

Heartworm disease is a deadly infection that is endemic (widespread) throughout Minnesota. These parasites are transmitted via mosquitos, and can cause lethal infections in dogs and cats alike. Once the larvae enter your pet’s bloodstream, they can take up to 6 months to mature in to adults. Our veterinarians recommend keeping your pet on monthly preventative all year long to keep your pet protected. Additionally, most heartworm preventatives protect your pet against common intestinal parasites, like roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. These are present in the environment all year long, and can be transmitted to people too!

In addition to year-round preventative, we also recommend running a heartworm test on your pet once a year to avoid potentially life-threatening complications that can occur when a heartworm positive animal is given monthly preventative. Our clinic offers the 4DX SNAP test, which checks your dog for heartworm disease and 3 common tick-borne diseases.

Senior Pet Care

Just like people, as pets age, they become more prone to certain diseases. However, with proper home care and veterinary monitoring, your senior pets can continue to live a happy, healthy life. Due to pets have shorter life spans, we recommend bringing older pets in twice a year for a physical exam, and checking blood work (complete blood count and serum chemistry) once a year. These preventative health steps can help us catch changes in their condition early on, and help us keep your senior pet active and comfortable.

Pharmacy Services

Our on-site pharmacy allows us to provide a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, supplements, shampoos, prescription diets, flea and tick control products, and heartworm preventatives.


Microchipping your pet provides permanent identification for them, and greatly increases the likelihood of their return should your pet ever become lost or separated from you. Microchips are tiny computer chips, smaller than a grain of rice, inserted under your pet’s skin. Ask our techs today about this great service for your pet!

Nutritional Counseling

Our doctors at Countryside Vet Clinic believe a complete and balanced diet fed in appropriate amounts is important in maintaining the health of your pet. Talk to us about performing a diet evaluation and calculating your pet’s daily caloric requirement. We will also discuss with which foods make healthy treats for your pet, and which foods to avoid.

Behavioral Counseling

Our doctors can work with you to help correct behavioral problems of aggression, separation anxiety, house soiling, and other behavioral issues. Additionally, Countryside Vet Clinic offers obedience classes for dogs of all ages that need a little extra coaching.

Health Certificates

Travelling out of state? Out of country? Be sure to check with your destination what documentation is necessary when travelling with your pet. Our doctors are accredited by the USDA, and can perform health certification checks so you and your pet can enjoy the journey.

End of Life Consultations

Deciding when to say goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the most difficult decisions we have to make in life. Our doctors and staff are here to support you in every way possible, answering your questions, and providing a comforting environment when the time comes to let go.

Exotic Pet Wellness

We provide medical and surgical care for small mammal and exotic species (ferrets, rabbits, mice, rats, etc).

Avian (Bird) Wellness

Dr. Anna Michael has a special interest in medical care for companion birds.

In-House Blood Analyzers

We have many comprehensive blood analyzers available. Our blood machines can run a variety of tests including complete blood count (CBC) to evaluate red blood cells, platelets and the various types of white blood cells; Comprehensive chemistry profile to evaluate liver, kidney, metabolic, pancreas, intestinal, and electrolite values. We also do smaller basic profiles for screening purposes pre-surgically and for preventative care and blood profile for individual values such as Thyroid levels when needed. We have a variety of "snap tests" that can give us quick diagnostic information in a matter of minutes such as giardia, parvovirus, feline leukemia and immunodeficiency virus among many others.

Tick-born Disease Testing and Treatment

Minnesota is tick country, and several diseases are transmitted by these parasites. Countryside Veterinary Clinic offers easy, convenient testing for 3 of the most common tick-borne diseases: Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichiosis. These diseases can cause lethargy, lameness, swollen joints, fever, and loss of appetite, among other symptoms. The best way to protect your pet is by using a monthly flea and tick preventative, like Frontline Plus. Our doctors recommend using a spot-on preventative like Frontline, which provides protection over the entire skin coat, instead of flea and tick collars, which only provide local protection around the head and shoulders. A new dose should be applied every 30 days, year round, for optimal protection.

Farm Animal Services

We offer veterinarian services for sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas (Camelid and Small Ruminant services). Please call for more information.

Equine Services

Please call for more information about our equine services.

House calls for Euthanasia

We are now proud to be offering at home euthanasia services for our client's pets. Please call for more detailed information.

Coming soon! Digital Dental Radiography, Digital General Radiography, and an outdoor patio and memory garden for a more comfortable euthanasia.

Trupanion Pet InsurancePet Insurance

Countryside Veterinary Clinic recommends pet insurance for your pet to lower the cost of unexpected medical or surgical procedures.

Visit Trupanion to learn more about pet insurance.

The VHA is a co-operative group of veterinary hospitals that work together to help it’s members minimize the cost of veterinary supplies, pharmacy items, hospital services and cremation. This helps each veterinary hospital keep costs lower for their clients and better serve their patients.